Tourism tours:

Our prices are competitive comparing with other tourism agencies, we reject the policy of added-commission to services and commit with fees that agreed in advance with the client as an implementation to our transparency and credibility principles.

We offer the following services in tourism:

  • Tourism tours for families, tour groups, companies, businessmen and honey-moon tours

  • Booking hotel rooms and furnished apartments with competitive prices to the most famous international websites and agencies.

  • Ski trips and visiting the most famous historic and tourism places in Turkey

  • Transportation services (small-cars, medium and large - sized buses, luxury cars)

  • Supervision on the client's tour and providing all of services agreed upon him from the moment of arrival at the airport until the moment of departure

  • Providing (male/female) tour guide speaking Arabic, English and Turkish

  • The client will be informed on all detailed prices for visiting places and hotel booking and the other services (without adding any commission) before coming to Turkey ,and the cost will be considered precisely 95%.

Medical treatment Tours:

We offer medical treatment and cosmetic tours at the most famous medical centers, clinics and hospitals in Turkey provided with the latest technologies and experienced medical staff.

  • Choosing the cosmetic or medical treatment center according to the client's desire (clinic - medical center - hospitals).

  • Providing a translator speaking Arabic, English and Turkish to accompany the client during the treatment and assist him communicate with the medical staff to answer any question related to the case of the client.

  • Hair Transplantation (head - chin - the mustache) using the latest technology (FUE - ICE Graft) at the best medical centers in addition to a lifetime guarantee card not to lose transplanted hair.

  • Cosmetic surgeries for both genders.

  • Note: The cost will be considered when the client submits his report and the medical staff analyze it, the client will pay in advance 25% of the total cost before he comes while the rest of the amount will be paid prior the treatment.

Real estate services:

  • Selling, Buying and leasing real estates in Turkey with unique prices.

  • Property supervising & management service (maintenance - Taxes - bills) after purchasing by the customer.

  • Accompany the client during visiting the locations in addition to translation services and negotiate with property owners or agencies.

  • Business bridges company has distinct prices, we charge only 3% of the property value in addition to the translating services fees.

Other services we offer:

  • Coordinating with the organizers of international exhibitions for participation, attendance and presenting products and services.

  • Finding investors in Turkey and the Middle East to implement mutual projects.

  • Helping businessmen to start up their own companies in Turkey and get required documents.

  • Marketing Turkish products in the Middle East and vice versa.

  • Implementing furniture projects (residential or commercial) with administrative and logistical supervision of the project and to negotiate with factories to ensure meet the client's desire in terms of price and quality.

  • Providing conferences halls and meeting room for companies, businessmen and intellectuals in various hotels.

  • Website designing for individual businessmen and commercial companies with competitive prices.

Projects under study and research:

  • Organizing of Hajj and Umrah services Company in Turkey.

  • Technical Support Corporation and maintenance of desktop and laptop computers.

  • Networks services company.